The Reentry Access Process

The Reentry Access Process reviews how an organization will reenter or receive authorization to be within an area during or after a disaster. This access process will review the method of access that is used for reentry/authorization, some of the basic capabilities it offers, and an outline of the three steps needed for access. HCOHSEM plans to utilize this national standardized format for the industrial sector of Harris County, focusing on personnel that require reentry to return back into, and authorization in order to “ride-out”, a storm within the Industrial Sector.

Access Levels

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The CERRA Access Program uses what’s called a phased access approach. In simple terms, organizations will have their personnel into one of four groups for access and these groups correspond to their need to remain in the vicinity during and after an event.

HCOHSEM will determine at which points that access level is required, either depending on the event, or by a defined template for certain types of events. In general, organizations who are critical to the response effort or need to secure their locations due to hazardous materials will have their personnel between Access Level 1 and Access Level 2. The less critical personnel, focused on the operations and economic recovery effort will be placed in lower levels such as Access Level 3 and Access Level 4.

Access Placards

The Vehicle Placard is the standard access document that will be used for reentry for the HCOHSEM Access Program. This format also supports nationwide interoperability with CERRA Access Program’s to ensure you only need to use one document for personnel entering Harris County or other jurisdictions that support these program’s across the country.

These placards can be used for both a person AND vehicle to ensure that organizations can have a placard either corresponding to the individual vehicle responding or an individual person.

Mobile and Paper Access Placards

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The placard’s for a CERRA Access Program come in two forms: Paper or Mobile. This allows organizations the ability to easily send their placards to their personnel, and distribute them through various methods such as Email, SMS, or by printing. The mobile feature along with the QR code, gives organizations the ability to geolocate personnel during a response effort, and the ability for the county to communicate access areas during a reentry situation. Both the Mobile Placard and the Paper Placard provide authorization in NO COMM”s situations, meaning that you can always use these documents for authorization and reentry during a disaster event


Three Step Reentry Process

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The CERRA Access Program reentry process only takes three steps and utilizes the Access Placard in either a mobile or paper form!

  1. An individual or vehicle comes with their access placard to a checkpoint

  2. Law enforcement scans the QR code on the placard or visually inspects the placard

  3. The individual is approved for access into the area