Reentry/Authorization Program 2019 Roll-Out and Pre June 1st Savings

The rollout and implementation of the new credentialing program in the Harris County Industrial Sector is in full swing and our goal for the months leading up to hurricane season is that of further education and awareness of the updated credentialing procedures. This ongoing effort has been evident with our participation at numerous LEPC meetings throughout Harris County in the previous months and will continue in the near future. Our participation has allowed us to both speak and educate organizations on the updated credentialing program, and has also allowed organizations the ability to provide their feedback to us for a more seamless transition.


We have listened to organization’s feedback and that is why we have made it a priority to establish small-group training sessions for anyone who would like a more detailed presentation on the new program. These sessions will allow organizations the ability to further learn about the program and take a closer look at how they can manage their credentials and personnel through our provided online system. We believe these training sessions will be extremely beneficial for organizations to better prepare for any future event in which their credentials will be needed.


Lastly, with hurricane season approaching we are still giving organizations who register prior to June 1st a 15% discount on their total registration. This discount is a decreased off-season operational cost that we would like to transfer to organizations who choose to prepare prior to an event. Please visit if your organization would like to register and prepare early.


For more information on the updated credentialing program please visit or contact us at