Local LEPC Meetings and Looking forward to 2019

With the 2018 year coming to a close we’re now looking forward to 2019 and the installment of the new Harris County Industrial Sector Reentry/Authorization Program. The successful rollout of the updated reentry/authorization access program in the Harris County Industrial Sector is at the forefront of importance for us here at Reentry Access Group. We are currently informing and educating proper personnel on why the program is being updated and how the program is designed to be more efficient and effective during disaster events.

Our main efforts have been seen recently at several LEPC meetings throughout Harris County. With the support of the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management we have been able to participate in the LEPC meetings of North Channel, Greater Baytown, and Deer Park, with more participation to come in the near future with other respective LEPC’s . These meetings have allowed us to present and speak on the updated program as a whole and to the software organizations will be able to use during events to help manage their personnel and gain real-time situational awareness. This outreach has been hugely successful in communicating the program to organizations as well as allowing for us to answer any questions people may have.

Our main objective is to educate and inform anyone who is interested in knowing more about the new updated credentialing/reentry procedures within the Harris County Industrial Sector. If you would like to know more about the program feel free to contact Adam Ott (Operations Manager) at aott@reentryaccess.com or directly at 540-383-4048.

Please visit https://reentryaccess.com/registration/ if you would like to register for your credentials and prepare for any events that may occur in 2019.