2019 Reentry Access/Authorization Process

Welcome to ReentryAccess.com, the homepage for the Harris County Industrial Sector’s updated reentry and credentialing program. This new credentialing program is replacing the old reentry/authorization program and will be used for critical personnel needing reentry and ride-out teams needing authorization during and after an event.


This updated credentialing program will allow for unprecedented organizational management and situational awareness when an emergency event takes place. Organizations that register with the program will have access to their own organization online management tool, as well as a mobile application. Both tools allow organizations to view and manage personnel needing reentry/authorization credentials in real time. The online tool will give an organization the ability to distribute credentialing placards within minutes to the appropriate personnel at any time throughout the year. An all new mobile application will also be available, allowing for organization management at the palm of your hand, as constant awareness of your organization’s reentry/authorization needs is crucial when an event occurs.    


An added advantage with this new credentialing program is the access you not only receive in the Harris County Industrial Sector but in numerous jurisdictions throughout the country. The new reentry/authorization placards are interoperable between multiple jurisdictions and states nationwide in support of the DHS CERRA effort(https://www.cerraaccess.org/). The benefit with CERRA is that a single registration/enrollment can be used in all jurisdictions participating in CERRA nationally. This means you only need to register one time to receive access to all areas that participate.



Disasters are imminent and our updated program is an added benefit to insure every organization is prepared for such disasters. If your Organization is interested in joining prior to January 1, 2019 and receiving an early registration discount for your Reentry/Authorization Placards, please visit  https://reentryaccess.com/registration/.