+ What is the Reentry/Authorization Access Program?

The Reentry/Authorization Access Program is a program designed to ensure that organizations can receive reentry access to a specified area after a disaster. These program's are important because they allow organizations to receive validated mobile/paper credentials that can be identified by local/state law enforcement at checkpoints surrounding a secure area.

Several organizations within the program may require "ride out" crews or personnel who are required to shelter in place at a facility during a storm. The program also covers these personnel by utilizing their credentials for "authorization" to validate that they are able to stay within a secure area post-disaster.

+ What locations does the Reentry Access/Authorization Program support?

Reentry Access Group supports a Reentry/Authorization Program in both the Harris County, TX Industrial Sector as well as the state of Louisiana (also known as ER-ITN).

This program utilizes an interoperable credential (CERRA) which means that it can work both between Louisiana and the Harris County, TX Industrial Sector, as well as several states and localities across the country.

The current supported major locations are as follows:

  • Harris County, TX Industrial Sector
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Virginia
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • New York City, NY
  • Boston, MA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Philadelphia, PA

We are working every day to expand these locations, and will update this list reguarly throughout 2019.

Please feel free to visit https://reentryaccess.com/access-program-partners/ to learn about some about our partners who support these regions.

+ What Access Level should I register under?

Please visit https://reentryaccess.com/access-level-definitions/ for more detailed information.

Access Level 1 – Immediate / Unrestricted Access (Color Code = Red) Immediate and unrestricted access will be granted to:

Estimated Reentry Time: 0-12 hours Post Event

  • Parish / Municipal Fire and EMS
  • Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Military (including National Guard and Coast Guard)
  • All other Emergency Response Personnel providing support of CI / KR (based upon the discretion of local authorities)
  • “Ride-Out” personnel that are authorized to stay within an area during a major event.

Access Level 2 – Response Support (Color Code = Yellow)

Estimated Reentry Time: 12-24 hours Post Event

  • Critical Infrastructure / Key Resources Rapid Response Teams and Subject Matter Experts including, but not limited to, municipal utilities, public works, public health, water, lighting, transportation and communications (at the discretion of local authorities, with preregistered and prequalified CI / KR contracted to support Access Level 1 as first priority)

Access Level 3– Recovery Support (Color Code = Green)

Estimated Reentry Time: 24-48 hours Post Event

  • Relief Workers
  • Healthcare personnel not included in Access Level 2
  • Animal Rescue, Research & Care Organizations
  • Other CI /KR and business operators considered critical to recovery efforts (based upon the Discretion of Local authorities)
  • Other personnel approved at the discretion of the local authorities

Access Level 4 – Rebuild / Repopulate (Color Code = Blue)

Estimated Reentry Time: 48+ hours Post Event

  • All other business operators and residents (as appropriate, subject to safety issues)

+ Where can I read about the HCOHSEM (Harris County, TX Industrial Sector) letter on Industry Credentials for Reentry/Authorization?

Please visit https://reentryaccess.com/hcohsem-industry-credentials/

+ What is the role of Reentry Access Group in the Reentry/Authorization Access Program?

The role of Reentry Access Group is to ensure that local/state/national entities are able to receive access into an area after a disaster utilizing the appropriate credentials. Reentry Access Group facilitates this role by utilizing a system that integrates with both the local jurisdiction, statewide programs, and national infrastructure to ensure that organizations can receive secure credentials into an area.

The responsiblity of approving "Who" should receive access into an area is solely that of the jurisdiction. Reentry Access Group does not make any decisions for access into an area and simply ensures that the local jurisdiction is able to efficiently make and communicate those access decisions in a timely manner.

Reentry Access Group also provide no-cost services to law enforcement and jurisdictions to assist in implementation and training, to ensure the access/authorization program operates as effectively as possible.

+ Is there a cost for using the Reentry/Authorization Program?

The Reentry/Authorization Program is provided free to Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and Public First Responder organizations as an additional tool to make sure our most crucial responding resources can enter without delay.

Critical infrastructure and commercial businesses are asked to pay a small annual fee for each essential person enrolled to help defray costs of the program. This fee ensures they receive nationally interoperable credentials that allow them to request for access into all of the nationally support regions. This fee is also set to decrease throughout the next several years to adjust for the additional organizations utilizing the program.

+ Does the Reentry Access Group protect my privacy?

The Reentry Access Group protects the privacy of all registered organizations and personnel in three ways:

  1. The Reentry Access Group follows all Federal and State-level Privacy laws and regulations to ensure any collected data is protected and secured. Data and approval status is only available for viewing with organizations authorized to facilitate and/or approve reentry/transit (e.g. law enforcement/emergency management)
  2. Data registered within the Reentry Access Group remains the property of the registering organization and the individuals themselves always. Use is only authorized for reentry/transit approval. Data will never be shared or used for any other purpose, nor will it be provided externally to any party for any reason.
  3. Data registered within the Reentry Access Group is limited only to public information that the individual would use to obtain reentry/transit. (e.g. Driver’s License status, Employment Status/Badge) No additional or extraneous information is collected and all collected status information is securely stored using US Government approved encryption protocols.

+ Do I need to buy any new hardware or software to use the system?

No. The Reentry Access Group System is an online, web-based solution that allows all information to be entered and accessed via a web browser. Checkpoint operators are can access the web verification screens via the Mobile Data Terminals in their vehicles, laptop or tablet computers or mobile handheld devices.

+ How do I submit personnel into the system?

To submit personnel into the system please first register with our system (https://reentry.truentry.net) and then view our tutorial videos located at https://reentryaccess.com/tutorial

+ Do I need to submit personnel multiple times, or in multiple areas for access?

No. Organizations register once. The Reentry Access/Authorization Program evaluates personnel against all available areas for approval. The Organization uses the web-portal to review status of access across the system and resolve any issues (e.g. data/approval required for specific areas) to ensure their personnel are pre-approved and ready for any emergency crisis. The Organization can then print Vehicle Access Placards or send Mobile Placards through email/text.

+ Where can I learn how to use the system?

Please visit our tutorial videos located at: https://reentryaccess.com/tutorial

+ Can I set up training for my organization or LEPC?

Absolutely! Please send a note to our program using the contact information on the left and we can schedule both in-person as well as online training sessions for individual organizations or an entire group!